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I need some 'scripts'

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PrettyCandles Mon 17-Oct-11 09:57:26

I need help teaching my dc to stand up for themselves. I'm not sure that they would know what to do if they were uneasy among their peers or with an adult. I can tell them things, but I think role-playing would help them.

A stranger tried to entice me into his car when I was little. I refused, but what upset me most about the situation was that I had been disobedient and possibly rude to an adult. Recently one of my dc ran away in fear of a situation, not understanding that he could object despite it having been created by adults.

I'm not sure that my children can make those sort of value-judgements any better than I could, so I need to teach them the phrases that will help, and practice with them so that they will be confident about prioritising their safety over an adult's or peer-group's demands.

Are there any books for this sort of thing?

gaunyerseljeannie Mon 17-Oct-11 19:49:22

In my area we have a programme which goes round all the nurseries and play groups called 'Safe Strong and Free" It uses puppets, scenarios and books to teach the children they have a right to have a big voice and say NO!. Its great fun and totally non scary, but really gets the point across about all kinds of abuse. Its run by the council.
Maybe you could ask your council if they do something similar, or maybe someone from their child protection services could give you advice about good books.
Good Luck.

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