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Toys for large 4.5 month old?

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trufflesbum Sat 15-Oct-11 09:37:56

Hi all,

My DS is 4.5 months old and is 9.5 kilos and we're having difficulty finding large toys to suit him. We were looking at a jumperoo, but from what I've read they shouldn't be used until 6 months, and then only until they reach 11 kilos. He'll have outgrown it before he should be in it!

We have an activity centre, which he does like and are looking for other similar toys. He's too big for his play mat (with a toy arch) as he's too stong and hangs on to it! He doesn't like inflatable rings as he can't sit up yet and just ends up slumped (and crying).

We tried to find a swinging chair but he seems to have exceeded the weight limit for them already! What we'd like is somewhere to 'put' him where we can play with him. He isn't keen on lying down flat and is too heavy to hold for long.

As an aside (though not perhaps the best place for it) we also have a nightmare getting clothes for him as his length is only 25th centile so whilst he's outgrown 3-6 clothes widthways, 6-9 are far too long (though fit his ever expanding waist grin ).

Any ideas or recommendations greatly received

haloflo Sat 15-Oct-11 11:16:07

Have you got a bumbo? They are great at the age where they want to be upright but can't sit up. I wouldn't pay full price for one though as most babies don't want to be in them when they can sit up unsupported. My DD is 6mo and 9.5 kg and I have to wedge her legs in a bit but she does fit in it ok so you should get a month or two's use out of it.

Otherwise what about putting him in a highchair that you can use before 6mo. He can see what you are doing and is head height for chatting/signing to.

Or just prop him in a corner of the sofa and put toys by his feet to encourage him to grab?

My DD is pretty long as well as big but I have to either squeeze her into 6-9 clothes or roll her sleeves and trousers up in her 9-12 clothes.

nearlytherenow Sat 15-Oct-11 14:35:10

Both of mine have used the jumperoo from long before 6 months (4.5 months ish). I think it's more to do with head control than age. If his head control is good, then I wouldn't rule out a jumperoo purely based on the recommended age. DS1 used it until he was 1 and I am faily sure that he'd have been more than 11kg by then, he was on the top centile weight-wise. Maybe I should start reading the instructions on things!!

beetlebat Sat 15-Oct-11 18:07:14

We also used a jumperoo from when DD was approx 4.5mths. She still occassionally has a quick bounce now (must get it into the loft!), at 18mths and approx 11.5kg! Also, if you look at your red book chart you'll see that weight gain slows constantly after the first few months so he may not be as heavy as you think in a few months time.

trufflesbum Sat 15-Oct-11 19:31:33

Thanks all. Will maybe reconsider the Jumperoo then. They look like a lot of fun! He likes his door bouncer but gets bored so we were hoping the Jumperoo would keep him entertained for a little longer.

His head control is great, nearlytherenow, so no worries there.

We though about a high chair, Haloflo. In fact, we saw one today with an insert for smaller babies so might think about that. He's just too heavy to lug about all day so like the idea of having him a bit higher up.

Have tried propping him in the corner of the sofa but he's a wriggler and either wriggles down and gets angry or (if we sit him a little higher up) throws himself forward and lands on his face. Funny to watch, but doesn't keep him quiet for any length of time!

Am hoping for him to tail off a little, Beetlebat, but no sign yet! Fingers crossed.

bankholiday Sat 15-Oct-11 21:00:01

Just to say that DS (7.5 months) hates his bumbo, he is also a wriggler and from the moment I put him in it, he arches his back and cries, and he almost fell once. Can you try one before you buy?

Also, you can try the Jumperoo in my local Mothercare, do you have one next to you?

bankholiday Sat 15-Oct-11 21:01:39

Also, if he likes his door bouncer, he should be fine in the Jumperoo, with DS it was the other way round, he was more comfortable in the Jumperoo to start with and is now fine with the door boucer as well.

EBDteacher Mon 17-Oct-11 07:23:18

Another vote here for some kind of jumper. Kept my DS entertained better than anything else at that age. Esp as he loved to be upright.

You could consider the Bright Starts version of the jumperoo. It has more options to attach toys of your own so you can keep it interesting for longer.

My DS was nearly 9kg when he got it (at 4mo) and we got at least 6 months play out of it. Only thing is though, my DS was over the 100th centile for his length and when we first got our jumper he was on the lowest setting- so which ever one you go for you might want to try it first to check he can reach the floor smile

jjbingo Mon 17-Oct-11 21:50:51

Have you considered the Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Station? You can use it from 4 months + as long as the baby can keep his/her head up. He can sit in it while you play with him and there are a number of height settings. There's a really detailed review of it here:

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