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At a loss with 6yo anxiety

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Dillie Fri 14-Oct-11 23:35:07

I hope you ladies can help a little.

My DD has always been a little sensitive about change. Anything out of her routine completely throws her off kilter. Other wise she is a happy, confident 6yo.

We have recently moved to a new house, which is closer to her school and friends. Building up to the move, she was very worried about it. But once it happened and we moved she seemed absolutely fine.

This week however, she has had alot to contend with. The school have started swimming lessons and they are on the 4th week. She went the first week but was very worried. When she finished school she told me she had a great time and even jumped in! Now this I would not have believed if the teacher had not told me first! The second week we moved and she wanted to help and the third week she missed due to being poorly. (Headache due to a bump she recieved the day before. Later admitted it was because she didnt want to go swimming!)

She had a school trip yesterday, which she worried about for a few days before. She was complaining of stomach ache from about wednesday, but said she was feeling worried about the trip. She was worrying about who she was going to be with, if I would be in time to pick her up etc (never been late picking her up!). When I was walking her to the doors, I noticed her little fist was clenched up tight sad She didnt eat much of her lunch and she told me that at lunch time she was feeling a little sick so was not hungry. At tea time, she didnt eat much and said her tummy was hurting. The pain seemed to come and go.

This morning, (swimming day) again lots of tears, feeling sick and stomach ache. To get her to go to school I wrote to her teacher to explain her worries. She went to school and was ok throughout. Again did not eat much of her lunch and she said that she went to first aid as she was feeling sick again. She did not eat much tea as she said her tummy hurt again.

She does have a slightly upset tum, but I am not sure if it is nerves or a little bug, or even a mix of the two!!

I will give her until Monday and if she still complains of tummy aches then obviously take her to the docs to make sure it is nothing physical.

But does this sound like anxiety? Has she wound herself up so much that it could be causing her pain? She seems well enough in herself. No temperature, no soreness when I prod her tummy. She has been through alot of change in the past fortnight, but dont really know how to help her apart from lots of cuddles and chats. blush sad

fidelma Sat 15-Oct-11 22:43:07

cuddles and chat sound good to me. I tell my dc that when they feel upset/in need of mummy etc to hold their wrist and that is mummy giving them a cuddle or to rest their hand on their cheek and that is me giving them a love.

Let the teacher know what is going on.She may be a bit under the weather and it is all getting a bit mixed up. x

Dillie Sun 16-Oct-11 10:26:42

Thanks for that, I feel like a bad mummy sad

She was actually sick in the early hours of Saturday morning, and spent the rest of the day looking very pale and sleeping.

This morning she is on the mend and looks and feels loads better!

Tgger Sun 16-Oct-11 11:04:47

Awwww, hope she's better soon.

When they are poorly they seem a lot younger and fragile and I guess this is what happened. My son has had a bug and is now back at school but has greeted me with tears at a couple of pick ups due to not being quite back to rights- am sure he'll be back once bug goes and I hope your daughter comes out the other side back to her sprightly self ;-))).

fidelma Sun 16-Oct-11 23:10:55

Yes when poorly they also don't cope as well with other things. X

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