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Sleep problems have started since going into a bed

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pud1 Fri 14-Oct-11 22:40:57

my dd2 has always been excellent at night. She has always gone to bed at 6.30. Settled her self and and slept through untill 6-7 ish. Since I moved her to a bed it has gone down hill. She now won't go to sleep without me lying with her and she wakes during the night and won't settle until I lay with her again. She shares a room with her sister so I can to the taking her back to bed and leaving the room as she will wake. I am not sure if it's the dark and I do plan to try a night light. She used to want the dark but now she crys when the lights off. Has anyone any suggestions to get out of this waking habit

lozzyblue Sat 15-Oct-11 07:06:06

How old is she? Can you put her back in her cot and try again in a few months?

kelloo1 Sat 15-Oct-11 08:23:23

My ds was exactly the same when we moved him into a bed. From 3 months old he slept through through the night and went to sleep on his own no problems. When he turned 2 we put him in a bed, he was climbing out of his cot so it was for safety more than anything. The first 2 weeks were awful, he would scream at his gate, want the light on and the door open. He would only go to sleep if i laid with him but then he was more bothered that I was still there so he would keep opening his eyes. I would be in his room for up to 2 hours sometimes until he finally fell asleep. I tried the supernanny thing where you sit with your back to them and gradually move nearer the door but he thought it was a game and kept getting out of bed. I used to sit on the landing outside his room so he could still see me and that worked, would take him about 20 mins to fall asleep. I also used to pretend to go to bed at the same time, 'night ds mummy is going to bed now aswell', and i would sit and read or something on my bed until he was asleep. This took about 20 mins too. Then i moved on to 'i'm just going downstairs for a drink i'll be back in a min' and he started to fall asleep on his own again. If he did get out of bed I just put him straight back without talking to him, he soon got bored of me ignoring him and stayed in bed! I always leave his door open now and he has a dimmer switch in his room so he has the light on really low. As I said the first 2 weeks were horrendous, it caused so many arguments with my OH we nearly put him back in his cot. It does get easier though! I think it just them getting used to something different. He is 2.7 now and bedtimes are easy, we do a story and he goes to sleep no problems and sleeps through the night again. Don't give up!

pud1 Sat 15-Oct-11 08:35:52

You have described my problem perfectly. Will try what you have said. I also had to get rid of cot as she climbed out,

kelloo1 Mon 17-Oct-11 17:06:40

how is the bed sleeping going?

pud1 Mon 17-Oct-11 19:08:08

Have started with sitting with my back turned and so far so good. Have been leaving door open with landing light on so she is not waking screaming. Thanks for the great advise

kelloo1 Mon 17-Oct-11 19:55:31

Yay! I know how stressful it is so really pleased it's improving for you. Keep it up!

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