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Anti-social toddler

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Whyriskit Fri 14-Oct-11 20:26:05

DS1 is very nearly 4 and I'm becoming a bit concerned about his interactions with other children (or lack of them). He attends a private nursery two days per week while I work and pre-school 3 mornings. (We're in Scotland, so the pre-school is the equivalent to a nursery class I think - it's part of the school which he'll attend later).

He's really not bothered by other children at all, and doesn't seem to want to play with them. He's a very verbal and articulate toddler and is confident in familiar surroundings. He very much seems to prefer adults to children. He's had regular contact with other children since he was very little - childminder, playdates etc. He's just not bothered about them being his friend.

I have to make a decision soon about whether to defer his school entry (it's not like in England - he can spend another year in pre-school due to his month of birth, and just start school a year later) and academically I feel he'll be fine, but I am worried about him socially.

Sorry for the essay - any advice? I did briefly mention my concerns to his pre-school teacher and she said she completely understood where I was coming from, which reassures me and worries me in equal measure.

bonnieslilsister Sat 15-Oct-11 08:57:49

Think of all the benefits he will have from being the oldest rather than the youngest. I did this with my ds and am so glad I did. He is 11 now and it is still a benefit for him.

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