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2.4 month old pushing random kids

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DMG Thu 13-Oct-11 20:37:54

hi there

I'm a single mum of a glorious little chap of 2.4 years old.. having said that he's not so little, most people think he's 3 or 4 because he's very tall.

He's been through and come out the other side of hittin/pushing his friends over toys, hasn't discovered biting, thank god, but in the last week or so, as we've been walking, scooting down the street or in the park, he has randomly pushed children we've never set eyes on before - last week one was walking between two adults holding hands with both of them, an older child of about 4, a little girl, anyone who he can get to. I obviously tell him off, apologies to often cross parents, and make him say sorry to the victim.

I truly don't understand it.

We have a nanny 4 days per week and he doesn't behave like this when he's with her.

I was very absent for about two weeks on business and then the nanny had two weeks off so he had my undivided attention, but she's now been back for two weeks and it's started in the last week. It doesn't happen all the time....

Has anyone experienced similar?



BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 13-Oct-11 22:59:10

you need reins/wrist strap, and lose the scooter for the short term

reinforce with a No and return home immediately

if he's tall for his age you might have expectations that outstrip his abilities and impulses (BTDT)

DMG Fri 14-Oct-11 18:49:23

Thanks.... all good ideas. I've got the reins, he gets frustrated because he's a big mover and likes to run.. but will definately give it a go to see if it helps. He didn't do it today!!

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