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my sons behaviour

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shorty4512 Thu 13-Oct-11 09:16:00

i recently become a mother to a cute little boy, who isnt very small no more and is very mood. when he was born he was ill all the time and i put him in the bed with me, he has only just started to sleep in his bed at 13months, but he is the same room. i moved him into his own room and couple of month ago but he want stay there, he screams and head butts the wall till someone goes to him. as if i thought that was bad enuff now he wont let me do anythink on my own. when i go toilet he screams and kicks the door till i let him in, he wont let me bath on my own he bites me, hits me and spits on me. he is now 18months and a little angel for his dad but when it comes to me, i cant do anything. its getting so bad that i cant do my hair, i dont spend anytime by myself like have 'me time'. i dont go out because he bullys other kids. can anyone help me please. xx

drugsthreatsbribery Thu 13-Oct-11 14:24:44

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Rogers1 Thu 13-Oct-11 22:11:56

I completely agree with this being a control issue. When you try to regain control by doing things by yourself...your DS can feel his control slipping & he retaliates in the form of lashing out.
It may be hard to change...but it's obvious your DS is he is fine with other adults.
Stick to your guns...regain the control.
Make it clear to him that his behavior is upsetting you & reward him for the achievements...staying in his bed...allowing you to have a bath etc. Incentive & distraction may just work here.
Good luck

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