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why is my 10 month DS shouting so much - awake and in sleep?

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gobblygook Thu 13-Oct-11 08:40:38

My very alert, smiley, lovely DS babbles LOADS and shouts a lot. He shouts to get attention, I think, in the absence of words, but he does shout really loudly. And at night, he groans and shouts in his sleep - so loudly we wake up continuously but he doesn't (much, occasionally).

It's quite wearying. Please can someone tell me it will pass? and why he's doing it in his sleep?

AKMD Thu 13-Oct-11 09:11:41

He's doing it in his sleep because he's processing what he did during the day.

Can he say 'dada' or 'mama' or anything else yet? When I want to get DS to stop shouting I either ignore him or, if it's been going on, I go thorugh the scale with him to that we get quieter by degrees. E.g. I shout 'MAMA!', then say 'mama' loudly, then 'mama' normally, then 'mama' in a whisper. He starts off ignoring it but joins in after a few goes and likes it because it's a game. It caught on pretty quickly that shouting is an extreme. He still does it of course but only when he's showing off smile

Can you close any doors between you and him so that he doesn't wake you up so much?

gobblygook Thu 13-Oct-11 09:20:56

Hi AKMD - sorry, I'm being thick, what is he processing at night? Everything he's doing?

That's a good idea - scaling him down. He does imitate me so I can try that. And he can be very quiet. In fact, he's adorable, he's just loud!

We shut doors...believe me...

AKMD Thu 13-Oct-11 09:51:41

Earmuffs? Sleep in hotel? (joking BTW...)

Sure, when he's dreaming, he's unconciously working out what he did during the day. If something puzzled him, excited him or scared him, his brain is likely to be turning that over and deciding how it slots in with the things it already knows. Shouting is exciting so he'll be thinking about that a lot! grin

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