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going up? at the end of every sentence? driving me insane?

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Thirstysomething Wed 12-Oct-11 17:51:16

My four year old has just started school and now her intonation goes up at the end of every sentence. I thought that was just teenagers who watched too many Australian soaps or American Valley Girl tv...
Any ideas how to stop it? I tried just mentioning it, but she doesn't really understand. I would just ignore it as a phase, but it is nearly half term and it is just getting worse! I don't know why I find it so annoying...

BlueBumedFly Wed 12-Oct-11 22:17:56

My dd has also just started school too and she starts every sentence with 'did you know' which is sending me doolally. I know its a phase and I should stop letting it grate on my last nerve but it does.

I guess with your DD that the teachers all speak in a very 'encouraging' way and do go up at the end of every sentence or at least have a fairly lighthearted tone 'are you looking at that book?' 'is that fun'? 'are you playing nicely' so I think they emulate the people they look up to (apart from Mummy of course!). However, yes, totally irritating.

I know my DDs teacher does not start every sentence with 'did you know' but I am guessing another child does hence the emulation. Over the weekend she does drop it so perhaps a whole week at half term can get it kicked!

Still, I am sure there will be another thing just around the corner!

Good luck!

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