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Stealing from school?

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BlackRock21 Wed 12-Oct-11 13:51:28

Please help!!

I have just received a call from my 6year old daughter's teacher. She said that she has some plastic jewels in her class that have been disappearing. She spoke to the class as a whole and said how very disappointed she was and that if they knew anything about it, they should see her on their own. Apparently a few children gave my daughter?s name and after a few chats, it transpires that she is one of four children who have been doing this. I had seen the jewels at home but she told us that her friend gave them to her as a present (my daughter collects them).

The teacher has handled it superbly but I am unsure about how to handle it at home as this is something that we have never encountered. I have always taught her right from wrong and I am so horrified at her behaviour. What is the best approach to ensure she realises the severity of what she has done and to make sure it never happens again?

She?s due home just after 3 and I want to tackle it the right way.

Thank you in anticipation!

Chundle Wed 12-Oct-11 13:55:09

My dd has 'brought home' a few things too!! I don't think they realise how bad stealing is when they are young - they just see something nice and want it!
I was in the lookout for anything new appearing at home at all times and if she brought something back then I made her take it back the next day and apologise! This soon stopped it as dd hate saying sorry smile
I explained to dd that people go to prison for stealing etc etc an it seemed to sink in, told her if it continued I would get local pcso round for a chat!

BlackRock21 Wed 12-Oct-11 14:32:05

Thank you! I don't want to overreact, as she probably doesn't understand how serious it is. But on the other hand, I need to ensure it's nipped in the bud. She confessed to the teacher that she had taken some, so it is apparent that her story to us about being 'given' them by her friend was a lie. We're in for a fun evening! sad

MadameSin Wed 12-Oct-11 15:39:17

Surprised the teacher actually mentioned it to you ... very normal especially if it's something pretty or perceived as precious. I would only have told a parent if it had been persistent. Think the little chat with the teacher and you will be enough to make your point. My son used to take beads etc to the point where he'd put them down his pants or up his nose ... grin

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