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Why has reflux returned with avengeance at 6 months?

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cockle84 Wed 12-Oct-11 13:46:45

My baby suffered with bad wind and colicy reflux until she was about 4 months. For a couple fo months, it was much better, not bringing up much of her milk and bringing up some good burps. The last week she has been really windy again and is bringing up so much milk I'm having to change her and my clothes several times a day. Now she won't nap during the day because she can't settle. Fortunately she has reverted to screaming because she's tired and fingers crossed I'll get her to sleep before then.
Any ideas why she is suddenly windy again. BTW. I can't see any obvious teeth.

Iggly Wed 12-Oct-11 13:47:50

Have you started weaning? Introduced new food into her diet eg protein or dairy?

cockle84 Wed 12-Oct-11 13:53:43

Yes, have started weaning. Maybe a reaction to that then. Will have to keep an eye on what I'm giving her. She has a small amount of cow's milk on her cereal in the morning but would this affect her all day? She has a bottle before her cereal and brings that up before she has the cow's milk.

mrsrvc Wed 12-Oct-11 13:57:49

My DS had terrible reflux ( was on omeprazole until 1yo). I was advised to be very careful and very slow with weaning. I got a great list from a book called " The sensational baby sleep plan" which said about which foods to try first, and highlighted particularly difficult foods for reflux babies to deal with. I have leant the book to a friend so I can't copy it out for you, but it would be worth a look if you can get hold of a copy. Even though ds was on medication, you could tell when the reflux was worse, and the list really eased the pain of weaning.
All the best...

Iggly Wed 12-Oct-11 14:08:44

Mmm not sure about the milk. I found with DS that I had to introduce solids very slowly (he had reflux), and cows milk was a no.

You can try either stopping solids for a couple of days (it won't hurt at this age), or cutting back to one meal and then start recording reactions.

cockle84 Wed 12-Oct-11 14:13:42

Ok great thanks, will stop the cereal for a couple of days and see how she is.

nichnachnoch Thu 13-Oct-11 20:10:38

My dd2 had very severe reflux (FTT, meds, hospital etc) so we also had to do the weaning incredibly slowly. ie 1 week at least trial period for each new food. The major allergenic foods were completely avoided and then very carefully introduced ie dairy, wheat, soy, fish, egg, berries. She might have an intolerance (or multiple intolerances) which could easily manifest later in the day or even over the next few days if the digestive system gets inflamed etc . Anyway, 6 months is early for dairy even for a non reflux baby as it's quite hard to digest. Good luck!

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