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2 year old scratching big brother in the face

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CharlieBoo Mon 10-Oct-11 15:31:39

my dd is coming up 2.5 and is feisty to say the least. She gets easily frustrated by her big brother (he does wind her up a tad) and over the weekend she has gone for his face on about 3 separate occasions and he has about 5 scratches on his face... We do time out with her and tell her no scratching but nothing works. Even teacher asked ds today how he got the scratches.... Help!!!

Wellthen Mon 10-Oct-11 18:55:25

Does she do the full time-out time and apologise to her brother? If you're doing the punishment fully then I think you're best just keeping going, she may just need time to learn to control this behaviour.

You could add in an additional punishment. By continuing with a behaviour she has been punished for she is being defiant (duh, shes two lol) so you could possibly say 'you have already been in time out for this. If you do that again then we will...' something noticeable like taking away a toy or other fun thing to really drive the message home. She'll scream and cry but she may just need the message really driving home.

Also worth chatting with older brother about not winding up his sister!

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