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my doughter is bullying her younger brother

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dragonfly123 Mon 10-Oct-11 15:02:08

My 10 year old daugher is being spiteful and bullying her younger brother who is 2.
She is snatching from him, calling him names and telling him that he is stupid. both in front of me and my husband but mostly when she thinks that we can not hear of see what is happening, Physically hurting him and im at the end of my tether.

My husband and i have been trying to tackle this issue since the youngest was born as many people said that there may be resentment. when we ask our daughter why she is behaving this way she has said that its becuase she does not like her brother and never wanted him.

We have tried reassuring her that we love her and making sure that we split our time equally so she doesnt think that our youngest is favoured in any way. We have tried talking camly to her about what she is feeling and the situation, we have tried shouting, giving rewards for good behaviour, punishments eg grounding or taking away privliges for bad - most of which she tells us she does not care about. Ive tried seperating them so one is always in the same room as either me or my partner as i worried that this is going to have an impact on my youngest wellbing if this carries on.

We are now seriously considering seeking outside help from a counserer as i dont know what else to do, everything we try just seems to fail.

As far as im aware she is not like this towards anyone else it just diredcted at her brother.

Has anyone else had this problem, what can i do?

KatharineClifton Mon 10-Oct-11 23:33:18

I think you have done a lot and sadly nothing is working. Probably time for the school psychologist or an outside agency via your GP to be involved.

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