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HELP my toddler is rough at playgroup

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LB1981 Mon 10-Oct-11 08:22:25

My DD 13 month old is great fun and generally great with other kids, except at our playgroup. She is energetic and pretty rough with the bubs. I feel like I am constantly telling her off 'softly softly, 'no, that's not your toy' etc. The group is mainly 9 mo babies who seem to be of a more gentle disposition. How can I help DD play nice with the bubbas all ideas welcome : )

Tigresswoods Mon 10-Oct-11 08:53:42

Mainly 9 month ok'd babies doesn't sound like toddler group to me. Maybe move up a group. Oh and her behaviour sounds pretty par for the course.

She sounds very normal, but why don't you take her somewhere there are kids her own age?

LB1981 Mon 10-Oct-11 09:34:48

Cheers Tigress and Ali - thanks for responding - Ali: the play group's in Australia are organised by the council and you get assigned one - but maybe I should call the organiser and tell her about my concerns, maybe we can find a group with older kids, thanks for the idea!

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