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Ds1 is so attention seeking when we have visitors

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BoysRusxxx Sat 08-Oct-11 10:25:33

DS1is 2.9 years. he is generally quite good but igets up to the usual toddler things. anyway i have found that his behaviour just completly changes when someone calls and he is not number 1 anymore.

yesterday a friend called in for a chat. she is childless. when she first came in she was playing with boys (ds2is 1.10) but the minute she sat down for a cuppa and chat with me, ds1 started acting up. he was starting fights with ds2, drew on the floor, started throwing his toys around etc i was mortified.

The same happened in mils last week because mil wasnt giving him attention.

yesterday i was videoing the boys on my phone. ds1 wouldnt talk to cam so started chatting with ds2, and ds1 started screaming to get the attention back to him!

I give them loads of attention during the day. i play games with them, i chat to them all day and i praise them LOADS!!

Could i be giving him TOO much attention???

BoysRusxxx Sat 08-Oct-11 10:27:00

I meant to say he is ok when it is just us at home. its only when we have visitors.

mamsnet Sat 08-Oct-11 10:33:56

I think it's quite normal, personally. I doubt you are giving them too much attention.. if you were you probably wouldn't even have come on here as you would be too busy gazing at your pfb grin

My DD was a bit like that, and at 5.5, can still do it a bit.. ignore all you can (if it's not dangerous, obviously)

Firawla Sun 09-Oct-11 14:11:31

my ds1 does this sometimes too, he is 3 so quite similar age to yours. i think it may be an age thing as ds2 does not do it. no advice really but i think it is fairly normal and maybe something they might just grow out of? (hopefully soon cos its really annoying!) i get it a bit when im on the phone too, especially if im talking for quite a while.

BoysRusxxx Sun 09-Oct-11 14:37:33

Thanks for advice. nice to know its normal. i get it when on the phone too. its so embarressing!

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