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should I be worried?

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dsphotos Fri 07-Oct-11 22:37:05

Had just put my 7 year old daughter to bed earlier, and decided to settle down on the sofa and play on her Dsi for a while (I know- exciting friday night stuff!!) I sometimes flick through the photos on there as there are some really cute ones of my 2 kids.

Tonight when I looked there were some from a couple of months ago. My friend had brought her daughter round for the day ( they know each other quite well, but there is a couple of years age gap and they are not very close) There were the usual larking around photos, but then some that worried me. First a couple of their bottoms- as in pull down your pants and wiggle your bum type things, then a couple more close up of bottoms, and then a couple of front views, pants and skirts down, but not close up and just standing.

I went back upstairs and had a chat with my daughter who said that she couldn't really remember what had happened and that they were just being silly and rude. She said that some were idea and some the other girls. We had a talk about how these parts of her body were private and that she should not be showing them, and that she should know that she should not show them.

I tried, without asking leading questions, to ask if anyone had ever asked her to do this before, where she or her friend had got the idea from, if anyone had ever done anything to make her feel uncomfortable or her friend had said that this had happened to her- and all her answers were fine.

She is not the best at discussing what she is thinking/feeling, and mostly seemed embarrased.

Is this just a 7 year old being silly and rude, or do you think I should be worried? Forgot to ask if she had ever seen any other photos like this (she has v. recently started to use google and we haven't got round to putting a filter on yet)

Thanks for your help

Sexonlegs Fri 07-Oct-11 22:51:45

Imo, it is just typical messing about of that age. My dn stayed over about a year ago and I found a photo of dd1's girl parts and then one of his willy on his digital camera.

They were 7 and 8 at the time.

Try not to worry, although I know that it is hard not to.

dsphotos Fri 07-Oct-11 23:00:53

thanks sexonlegs, that is what I think too, but you would never forgive yourself if you missed something.

I am beginning to think that the whole puberty/teenage thing on the horizon will bring with it whole new set of scenarios!!!

Octaviapink Sat 08-Oct-11 19:08:49

I'm sure it's just part of normal messing around (one poster on here said that her dd used to be obsessed with comparing her fanjo with others' and used to come home and tell mummy about them!) but if your daughter's using the computer you NEED to get filters on pronto.

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