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help me with my fussy 3yr old

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Fri 07-Oct-11 20:10:29

DS will be 3 end of this month. He was a joy to wean, ate everything in sight and by a year old was basically eating what we were - we got used to totally saltless food. At 18months it all changed and what was initially a phase has turned into a boring battle every day or feeling like I'm just giving him the same bland foods over and over again.

I know all children get like this but I really want to try to encourage him to at least start trying different foods, I think he's old enough not to pander to anymore but also don't want mealtimes to become a battle ground.

A friend has just started encouraging her DD, same age, to try more food by saying she'll get a sticker for each new piece of food and when the chart is full she gets a particular toy she's desperate for - seems to be working for them but DS is pretty unattached to anything he doesn't already own and this hasn't worked so far for us. any other tips?

He will always - usually - eat toast, cheese, ham, bananas, nuts, apples, fish fingers, pasta and peas. I sneak in chopped spinach into his pasta and pesto.

It's just so disheartening when he used to try everything going and was such a good eater. He doesn't have a big appetite at the best of times now. My mum keep saying he won't starve himself but he's generally a good sleeper and I don't want to get into "eat this or go to bed hungry" at this stage

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