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3 month old with very little head control

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highheelsandequations Fri 07-Oct-11 11:44:18

Looking for people to share their experiences with me. My DD is 3 months old (exactly, her 3 mo b'day yesterday!!) and has very little head control still. She used to turn her head and briefly lift it when lying on her tummy but over the past couple of weeks has completely stopped doing this. If I put her on her tummy she either lies there with her head to one side and smiles or does nothing or else screams and tries desperately to roll over, although without lifting her head. When I carry her she will tilt her head back or turn it to the side to look around but will not hold it straight. Same when she is sitting in her chair. If I pull her to sitting her head lags behind her a lot. She also often has her head tilted to one side (always the same side) even when lying on he back. I don't know if she's always been like this and I've just started to notice more but it's definitely more pronounced recently. Also a few weeks ago she lifted her head and chest off the ground completely during tummy time and rocked back and forth, so I know she has been able to hold her head. The Dr is referring her to the developmental Drs to get her checked but whilst I'm waiting I would love to hear anyones experiences of anything similar and how it turned out. Trying desperately not to worry but can't help it!

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