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17 month old weirdness

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festivalwidow Thu 06-Oct-11 16:38:44

Can't really put it any better than that..
DD is a sociable soul and loves nursery, which she's been at for quite a while now and knows her key workers and other children well. Just transferred to the toddler room where most of her friends are.

She was ill last week with a fever and it seems to have completely scrambled her behaviour. From being a reasonably OK sleeper at night she now wakes at least three times in the night, usually happy once one or other parent attends to her and then wants to play/ read/ climb the furniture until morning. When she wakes she cries as if she's in serious pain, but stops quite quickly and seems happy. Doesn't go down for a nap at nursery without screeching, despite being quite happy to do so before (not so compliant at home though hmm) She's also become really clingy and the reports at the end of the day from nursery have gone from the usual "Oh yes, festivalorphan has been great, running around and into everything" to "Hm, festivalorphan's not really been herself - she's been asking 'where's mummy' all day, not wanting to be with the others, needing a lot of one-to-one and not wanting to sleep although she's obviously really tired".

As soon as we get home she's fine. Is this a developmental thing, or something to do with the virus? It sometimes feels like DD doesn't know which way is up, but maybe I'm too tired to think straight too...

whomovedmychocolate Thu 06-Oct-11 20:29:20

It's either teething or she's getting over the virus. Keep things normal and they will get better, apply painkillers where necessary. Molars are evil things.

Iggly Thu 06-Oct-11 20:33:45

She's probably not over her illness. Just becausethe fever has gone, it doesnt mean she's quite there yet.

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