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My DS will only poop (in Nappy) for me?

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OB1sMum Wed 05-Oct-11 18:32:33

Hi all,

I have noticed over the past few weeks my 17 month DS will only do a poop (in his nappy) for us at home. He seems to hold on to it all day when at nursery or at his grandparents.

He's done it once at grandparents in last few weeks and i think that was only as he slept over and had no choice! He will usually do it as predictable as with 10 mins of arriving home!

Like i said he is only 17 m so i very much doubt he is ready to potty train (he was also quite premature) and it's not causing him or us any problems, its just strange, as if he's embarrassed so I wondered if anyone else had experianceed this / knows why

Thanks :-)

SemperUbiSubUbi Thu 06-Oct-11 09:42:42

Could it just be as simple as he needs to poo at a certain time and that just happens to be the time you are home?

At this age they have started to develop a "poo routine" and I very much doubt he is embarrassed snort grin

OB1sMum Thu 06-Oct-11 11:34:14

lol you know what I didn;t even think of that! smile

SemperUbiSubUbi Thu 06-Oct-11 13:18:42

grin My DS(22mo) only poos at home but thats just because we are always home just after breakfast and just before bed.

Look on the positive side you dont have to worry if you forget your changing bag, I havent had to change DS anywhere public since he was about 15/16 months.

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