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5.8yo can't pronounce 'sh'

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trifling Wed 05-Oct-11 13:55:08

I'm sure my son used to be able to say 'sh' properly but over the last several months he has said 'ss' instead. I've tried to teach him how to make the sound, using a couple of online suggestions, but he struggles and hasn't been able to get it into words. Is this worth seeking out SALT help for, and how? do I go through the school? (I'm sure SALT is overworked in our area )

RECENTLYFOUNDOUT Thu 06-Oct-11 07:10:20

My DS (3) has had a few speech therapy sessions but as his delays are only slight he goes once very 6 months. I have noticed that in our area they now do like a drop in session at the local Sure Start Centre and they have a telephone number where you can speak to SALT direct (I am quite impressed by this as we are quite rural and don't tend to get lots of this type of thing!) Just wondered if this might be the case in your area or if you had considered an initial assessment from the private sector (if you can afford it!). Just out of interest has he lost any teeth or anything lately?
Good luck x

kissingfrogs Thu 06-Oct-11 23:53:24

I echo Recentlyfound about teeth. When dd1 was 6 she stopped being able to pronounce CH and STR and got a bit lispy. School suggested SALT. I assumed it was wobbly/missing front teeth. A visit to the dentist proved it was teeth related and more, quite extreme really as her adult teeth have exaggerated her existing overbite, plus the dentist also discovered that she has a jaw misalignment to the side also. Teeth are still erupting and moving about so some of it may self-correct though she will probably need a brace one day.

Thankheavens I didn't go along with SALT as poor dd1 would have been trying to ch and str when it is now actually physically impossible for her. The answer for her is a brace, not therapy!

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