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Is my baby bendy or hypermobile?

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gobblygook Wed 05-Oct-11 12:40:40

My 10 month DS sits for hours and rolls all over. He doesn't crawl. he puts one leg under him and keeps the other straight, mostly. On his stomach he 'swims' a bit but can't seem to connect and sometimes (rarely) goes backwards. He can stand, hands held very lightly, for ages. Legs are locked, though. He's taken a few steps only.

In the absence of crawling, he's perfected a lot of reaching and grabbing from a sitting pisition. He seems very bendy - can reach flat and quite far for a toy from sitting position. Someone commented in a music group...but I have no idea if it's a normal range.

I was diagnosed with hypermobility after my pregnancy with him. I've never known, never had any issues with it, though post partum I've had joint strain.

How bendy are babies? Or am I looking neurotically for reasons because he's not crawling?

tinkerbelleworkshop Wed 05-Oct-11 14:34:04

My niece is just like this! she did have shallow hip joints which were discovered at birth and a brace (unobtrusive) remedied the problem within months.

Although I'm not suggesting your DS has this, may be worth checking with HV if your worried. They just move hips around to check there isnt lots of clicking, or an ultrasound at the hosp if they think thats what it could be.

cory Thu 06-Oct-11 07:51:15

Check with HV. Being bendy will make it more difficult to crawl. As you yourself are proof if may not cause him any great problems in life, but it's a useful thing to know if he is slow reaching his developmental goals, so you don't start worrying about anything more serious. And if he ever does end up with joint pain, it is a very useful thing to have thought of.
(I won't tell you what dd's pig ignorant consultant ascribed her ankle pains to, but knowing she was hypermobile would have been very reassuring at that point).

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