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22mo suddenly wants dummy in day time - constantly

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shefliesthrutheair Mon 03-Oct-11 12:41:58

DD is 22mo, and since she was about a month old has had a dummy, but just at sleep times. She sleeps through the night extremely well, and is has always been fine with putting the dummy back into the cot herself when it's time to get up.

So why is she suddenly wanting it ALL the time? She even makes a scene at playgroup where she's usually happy and absorbed... And I'm pretty sure she isn't sick.

I was planning on leaving it for a few months, even another year, but should I take the dummy away now, or would this cause even more upset? It's only been going on a few days, but should I just persist in saying no during the day and putting up with the crying?

Advice please?!

4madboys Mon 03-Oct-11 12:48:38

is she teething maybe? developmental leap? my 9mth old has a dummy mainly for sleeping but also in the car and sometimes the pushchair.

once my dd is walking i intend to have a rule that she cant have it whilst she is walking round etc. so maybe let your dd have it in the pushchair if necessary or whilst she sits on your lap for a cuddle but not when walking round and playing?

messytimemum Mon 03-Oct-11 14:13:29

Has anything happened at home or playgroup recently? Sometimes they take a step backwards before making a leap forward.
I wouldn't get rid of dummy right now, especially if she's sleeping so well with it, and is obviously wanting it for comfort.
As 4madboys suggests, let her have it when she needs it, as long as she's not talking with it in, there's no harm.

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