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Swimming with 3.5 yr old - won't put ears in water

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TooTiredToArgue Thu 29-Sep-11 22:09:19

Well, that says it all really. DS2 loves his weekly swimming lesson (I go with him and am in the water with him at all times). He talks about it before we go, when we come home, and idolizes his swimming teacher.

However, he absolutely refuses to lie back and put his ears in the water. I try getting him to rest his head on my shoulder and even that is a step too far, and he refuses to look at the ladybirds on the ceiling.

It's not a big deal and I'm sure he'll get there eventually. I just wondered if anyone else had tips on how to help him get over this phobia. He hates having his hair washed too...

Thanks, in advance.

HSMM Thu 29-Sep-11 22:27:26

My DD was the same. She was probably about 7 before she would put her ears and eyes under. She's 12 now and always under water. Just did it on her own time.

mercibucket Thu 29-Sep-11 22:29:49

swimming cap that comes down over the ears? dd can't stand getting head wet either but she wears a cap and is fine on her back, it's just the 'face' thing - she's much better with goggles though

pedalpants Fri 30-Sep-11 11:02:04

my 3.5 year old has recently got over this. also had big fear of hair washing which is also improving. the swimming lessons helped enormously. just gradually learned to lean back and they play watering can games on each others heads. I also take him in the shower with me in the mornings which helps with getting more tolerant of water.

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