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Christmas presents for 5 month old

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Dozybear Wed 28-Sep-11 18:36:13

My MIL keeps asking what to buy for our precious new arrival but I've no idea what to suggest! I am a new mum and can't imagine what he might need by Christmas (by which time he will be nearly six months old). Any ideas?

LoonyRationalist Wed 28-Sep-11 18:38:03

He really doesn't need much, how about some books? Clothes in the next size?

Ragwort Wed 28-Sep-11 18:38:42

Clothes, money for savings account ..................

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 28-Sep-11 18:39:50

Honest to goodness, save your money. Don't buy things for the sake of buying them, but think about what you would buy anyway. Do you have a massive great big pram? Maybe ask people to chip in for a smaller stroller? Or next size car seat? All dull of course but things you'll have to buy anyway. And every child has to have a VTech first steps walker, if only so you have 'Hello puppy calling, do you want to play with me......' burned into your brain forevermore...

Dozybear Wed 28-Sep-11 18:42:00

Thanks - will suggest those things. Are there any good toys that your children had at that age?

Dozybear Wed 28-Sep-11 18:43:15

fuckity -sorry x post - yes am with you but MIL wants to spoil him...

Paschaelina Wed 28-Sep-11 18:44:37


Paschaelina Wed 28-Sep-11 18:45:00

(sorry for shouting)

Daisy1986 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:39:00

Highchair, stair gates were practical presents for DDs first xmas expensive but neccassary.

Frankie000 Wed 28-Sep-11 23:04:22

one of ther most popular toys in my house from when they were old enough to sit up has been those table things with the wire that you push the beads along, iykwim

Frankie000 Wed 28-Sep-11 23:05:13

sorry, meant "cube" things! Theyre not a table!!

Dozybear Thu 29-Sep-11 10:07:12

Thanks everyone.

Timeoutofmind Thu 29-Sep-11 10:12:23

Stacking cups and stacking rings, toy phone, teething rings/teething toys, ducks for the bath, rattles are things my DD enjoyed at this age.

bankholiday Thu 29-Sep-11 14:20:08

Definitely a jumperoo, it's fantastic but quite pricey.

coraltoes Thu 29-Sep-11 16:36:07

Weaning spoons, cups, Annabel karmel or BLW book? Tommee Tippee cup thing?

I second hoops and cups. And jumperoo. Maybe a highchair?? Um....ooh bibs, plastic backed ones. Can never have too many!

pranma Sat 01-Oct-11 22:17:05

silly billyz bibs a bit of a luxury but very lovely

Firawla Sat 01-Oct-11 22:27:24

jumperoo is really good for that age if she wanted to get something big and something for him to enjoy rather than just a practical thing, although it is practical too

PurpleCrazyHorse Mon 03-Oct-11 19:13:45

DD loved fabric books and definitely clothes in a bigger size. We also used the grobags with DD and had a really useful one with a hole in the back so you could put her in/out of the car seat while still wearing it.

Bumbo seat was good and we had quite a bit of use out if it (especially with the tray).

DD was 4mo at her first Christmas and I think we mostly got clothes and money (as no one really knew what to get her).

LionsnTigersnBears Mon 03-Oct-11 19:31:29

We got DD 80 shiny pounds worth of jumperoo but tbh she didn't much like it. The £2 stacking cups asda are still used everyday though! I'd go with books with touchy patches - like the 'that's not my (dragon/puppy/pony/whatever the heck)' range. They are fun for 'storytime' on mummy's knee and if you get quite robust ones they can be used in the car as well.

BlueChampagne Tue 04-Oct-11 13:26:35

Again something to grow into, but what about a melamine set (plate, bowl, cup) and some little cutlery for little hands. Otherwise next size up snow suit? Or a travel high chair?

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