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1yr review.

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Paschaelina Wed 28-Sep-11 11:35:12

Gearing up for this review, after reading through some recent threads slating HVs and NNs, their abruptness, poor advice and unhelpful comments at this time.

Regarding feeding/diet/dental health: She asked me does he use a dummy? (no) does he have a varied diet? (yes) does he attempt to use a cup and a spoon (attempts it yes), do we brush his teeth (of course)

And that was it! Where was the argument about milk, the catsbum at extended breastfeeding, the nagging to use a multivitamin which we never have bothered with? the lecture about not using a bottle after 1 (she didn't ask what delivery system his milk arrives through so actually had no idea if he uses a bottle or breast)

I was all ready to stand my ground but there was no argument to have. It all went very smoothly, she seemed very capable, very experienced and very professional.

I feel cheated grin

kellieb7 Wed 28-Sep-11 14:19:12

That's good to know, just waiting for DD's HV to arrive to carry out her 9 month check so fingers crossed she behaves herself too (th HV, not DD). I think I may get a telling off about her weight as DD is a bit of a porker grin

StrandedBear Wed 28-Sep-11 16:21:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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