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Potty driving us Potty

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liamsdaddy Tue 27-Sep-11 10:10:48

My little boy (2.5 yrs) is currently potty training. It has gone fairly well so far and he will tell us when he needs to go with enough notice that we get him to the potty in time. He even seems to have acquired the skill to hold it sometimes.

We have him in nappies overnight and for his daytime nap – more because he is still teething and those poo’s seem to give him little notice. Occasionally he has told us for the potty then as well. We have had a few accidents, but not that many.

So mostly he is very good. However…

If he needs to use his potty (he initiates) we don’t really have a problem – but if we try to initiate because we are either about to sit down for a meal or travelling out somewhere then we often end up in an argument/tantrum about it. Tantrums are not good because 75% of the time they end up in a accident.

It’s annoying if we have to get up and do a potty during a meal – but I’m willing to compromise on that. But using the potty before we go out I don’t want to compromise on.

One of my friends suggested that you just leave him on the toilet-seat potty until he does something – but he can sit on there for a good 15 minutes and not do something (and then pee his pants when you get him down due to the tantrum he is in).

It’s not always feasible to pull over 5 minutes into a journey if you have to get somewhere and it’s not really a good thing to have to leave soiled clothing in the car if he has an accident (especially if it’s a 2-3+ hour journey).

So, any suggestions?

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Tue 27-Sep-11 10:50:28

Would he find it novel to stand and pee in the loo as something more fun to sitting on a potty?

Mine just wanted to copy dad so has always stood up and found it amusing!

Worth a try?

liamsdaddy Tue 27-Sep-11 14:26:44

I would imagine it might be interesting to try that as a diversion. I need to teach him how to water the vegetation for when we are out walking/riding and he needs a wee in any case.

I’m not sure if it would resolve the issue with when he thinks he doesn’t need to wee. I don’t believe it is a comfort issue on the potty or the toilet seat – both seem to be OK and he knows the word comfy.

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