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need advice about 22 month old

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mommy2anangel Mon 26-Sep-11 15:24:41

Hi everyone,

I have joined this site as I need some help!!!

Angel is 22 months old and has slept through from 5 weeks old. She had an 18 month regression (ouch) but went back to 'normal' about 6 weeks later.

However, for the past 3 weeks she has been really odd at night. She goes to bed at 7pm and I read stories to her. She doesn't like me leaving and pats her pillow for me to lie with her, cries etc. Usually she will settle for one more cuddle and then go to bed. She's usually asleep by 7.30pm.

But she has started waking in the night, anything from once to about 6-7 times a night, starting any time from 11pm onwards. She will get out of bed, run to the gate on her room (we added a gate during her regression) and scream. I go to her, soothe her, and then she runs back to me saying "want cuddle" until eventually she stays in bed. She also has the habit of throwing her lovey across the landing to get my attention. She can't sleep without it, and if I don't return it to her straight away, she gets herself into such a state that it takes 30 mins+ to calm her.

She also wakes early - anything from 5:45 - 6:30am which is very early as she used to sleep til 7.30am.

I have tried everything - if we let her cry for a few mins she will settle, but sometimes she will keep throwing her lovey.

Her naptime used to be in bed by 11:45am, asleep by 12pm. She still goes down for her naps without a problem, but she will now chat or play until 12:15 or so.

I have found on the days that she has refused a nap (she has done this once or twice) or when she's had less than about 90 mins, she is VERY grumpy and full of tantrums etc. So I know she needs at least 90 mins nap.

There have been a few nights where she hasn't woken in the night but has EW, but I can't see any pattern to this that's different from her NW days.

Today she was up at 7am which is good for her atm, she went up for her nap at 11:30 but didn't sleep til 12:05. I was very tired so had a nap as well, and accidentally woke up at 2:20pm. She was still asleep until I woke her at 2:30pm. She seemed happy when she got up, but still has bags under her eyes. Do I now need to put her to bed late?

Her bedtime is 7pm but I am usually in her room reading stories til about 7:15.

To make it worse - we go on holiday next week which will only disrupt her more! (not abroad tho)

She doesn't go to nursery, her room is quiet, dark and the same as it's always been... so I have no idea.

My niece is a few weeks older than DD and my sister told me she reduced her nap to approx 1 hour (sometimes 40 min) because she was NW and EW. She now sleeps 12 undisturbed hrs at night and gets up at 7.30! Is this the answer?

Just don't know how to get DD back on track, no idea if she is UT, OT, both etc.

Any advice?

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Mon 26-Sep-11 20:37:50

I can only say what I do with mine, who is 2.1

She has a nap after lunch, for as long as she needs. That doesn't impinge on her night sleep, she always goes down at 7. She can have up to 2 hours.

She talks/sings sometimes but I leave her.

She cries in her sleep and sometimes wakes up enough for me to have to go to her. The crying out in her sleep wakes me upto 5 times a night but there is nothing I can do to stop it so just sucking that up at the moment.

If your dd is waking in the night, I would say she has now got used to you settling her, and so cannot fall back to sleep without it. I understand about the throwing of special toys, dd does that too. I would give her the toy, give her a kiss and take her straight back into bed. And repeat with no talking or extra cuddles.

It might take a few nights but would be worth trying I think. I would find that easier than controlled crying, which kills me. Unless she is being a little sod wink

I don't think the waking is because she isn't tired, I think she is just unable to self settle. But I could be totally wrong!

Allboxedin Mon 26-Sep-11 20:45:08

I have a 24 month old and have had the same. I'm exhausted as I'm 37 weeks and really ratty!
I have had to start cutting out the nap she had a midday to get her in bed and asleep before 8pm, its the only thing that has worked for us.
However the past few nights she has been waking and we found she was teething with her canines (had no idea they came through around this time) and they seem to have been the worst out of all the teeth.
I would try to ignore her throwing the toy, its obviously an attention seeking thing. Tell her you will give it to her once but if she does it again you are not going to give it back and stick to your word, hopefully after a night or two she will get the message.

BaaBaaHerdwickSheep Mon 26-Sep-11 21:45:52

Stopped at 37 weeks with DS1, who was born 1 day before DD.
Stopping at 38 weeks this time round (in about a month).
I have an office job but was doing looong hours first time round and perhaps should have stopped earlier, but if I'd been off any longer I'd have gone stark raving mad. This time round my hours are much more sensible, but my commute is longer so I'm going to try and work from home a bit towards the end. In my view, working later saves up your time for after the baby arrives, but obviously it is completely linked to how you're feeling - physically and mentally leading up to things. I know a number of people who'd have been mad to work before 35/36 weeks because they were really not on top physical form and you've got to look after yourself and the baby.

BaaBaaHerdwickSheep Mon 26-Sep-11 21:46:53

Woah. No idea how that post ended up on this thread! Was meant for somewhere totally different. SO Sorry.

Nothing useful to add to this thread - sorry OP!

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