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2 year old behaviour - just for Mum?

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KKKaty Mon 26-Sep-11 09:59:34


Thought I would pick the brains of experienced Mums out there!

Have a lovely little boy aged 2.3. He's generally sweet, fun and gentle with the expected odd 2 year old tantrum etc. The last 3-4 weeks have been challenging though as when with me in the day he seems continually whinny, tantrummy, clingy - hard work! Whinny and uncooperative one minute and wanting cuddles the next, hard to get anything done. On the whole however Dad, other relatives, friends and his grandfather aren't getting this and he is his usual sweet self. So I have to accept I am the common factor!

He has got a lot going on at the moment - back molars coming in, we moved house locally 5 weeks ago, we had to change his childminder (2 days / week) around the same time (luckily he loves the new one) and I am heavily pregnant due 2 weeks from now, so....! However, his behaviour relates to when I am in charge. I'm trying desperately to be consistent with him, big cuddles and lots of play and getting out, ignoring 'bad' behaviour and focusing on the good. I hate to see him seemingly so unhappy around me. I am expecting it to be really tough when the baby arrives - he won't be happy. Tends to be a little better when we are out, which will be a bit harder soon.

Is it just the way it is? Sorry to sound pathetic. Any suggestions very welcome!

Thanks so much in advance.

kelloo1 Mon 26-Sep-11 15:07:03

My DS is the same! He is 2 and a half, fine with me one minute then whinging, clingy, stamping feet and generally just playing up the next. The minute daddy is home he is all smiles and fun. And when I say to people he can be a terror at times they say what do he mean, he's so sweet. I think because he is with me most of the time he likes to see how far he can go with me but it just winds me up! No advice I'm afraid, just sympathy!

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