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5 yr old & perception of mortality

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DramaQueenCasey Sun 25-Sep-11 20:23:50

We've had 5 deaths in the family this year & at least 1 more expected gaily soon. Their ages have ranged from 56 to 92 & relationships as close as someone we spoke to daily to those someone we saw at weddings every 3 years. I'm worried my 5 year old DD is going to start worrying about life expectancy & mortality, don't want her thinking she or I could go soon! Any advice greatly appreciated!! TIA!

DramaQueenCasey Sun 25-Sep-11 20:24:56

Can't edit from my phone but meant 'fairly' not gaily!! Not wishing it on!!!

SquongebobSparepants Sun 25-Sep-11 21:29:59

DD1 has just got over her death phase after MIL died last year (it didn;t last that long, only a few months)
We don't do the heaven/star in teh sky stuff as I don't believe it so would find it hard to make it up tbh but we explained that people die and we can't see them anymore and that makes us sad and that we don't know where they have gone or what they are doing as they can't come back.
Be prepared for very random questions if she does start fixating on it, we had 'will I be a skeleton as I am scared of them' and 'what do dead people eat, I can't never eat again I will be hungry' and my personal favourite 'can we have an extra large coffin so you and daddy can share with me and I won't be lonely. DD2 can have her own'hmm

I didn;'t buy any books I just tried to answer all her questions and if I didn;t know I told her I didn't know but 'some people believe... and it is up to you to decide what you believe'

TreeHouses Sun 25-Sep-11 21:49:28

I agree, the oddest questions come when you least expect it. Unfortunately there is also no logic to their thougts.
The dc went to the funeral of a baby recently. It didn't upset them at all and they didn't ask any questions.
However, they still keep trying to dig up the garden in the hope that they will find their pet who was burried last year. Thank goodness they can't remember exactly where we burried him!
They both play games where they become 'deaded' and see nothing unusual about coming back to life. They have been exposed to several animal deaths, but still don't really have the concept of finality as we do.
They are 5yrs old btw.

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