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Food phobia problems

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BentleyBling Fri 23-Sep-11 14:12:41

Hi, our 3.5 year old boy has a massive food phobia. He only eats certain things never tries anything new. He has jam on toast or jam sandwich every meal and also eats yoghuts and certain (known) biscuits and chocolates. He would rather go without than even touch other foods and freaks out if he is near them

He is very small for his age but developmentally he is fine. He has less energy than other kids his age which is obviously upsetting. He also is more prone to tiredness, mood swings and illnesses. He also has problems with digestion and pooing (for which we give him prescribed medecine).

This phobia has developed (so we are told) following really bad reflux as a baby. His little sister eats for England but that doesn't seem to inspire him.

We are seeing dieticians and they are not too concerned from a physical point of view.

Anyway, we are having a bad week so just wandered if any other parents had experience of this sort of phobia (NB different to fussy eating!) and if so when and how did their child improve?


stareyes Fri 23-Sep-11 14:36:54

i know this sounds silly and u probably have tried it but how about eating from the same bowl? u eat a bit, then he eats a bit? do u eat at a table?


BentleyBling Fri 23-Sep-11 14:39:25

Yes we have tried that (it doesn't sound silly!) and it doesn't work for us.

He gets very upset whenever "unaccepted" food is anywhere near him. To the extent that if we put a pea on his plate next to toast he would freak until the pea has gone (and then maybe not eat anything that meal because of it)

stareyes Fri 23-Sep-11 14:42:17

right..............ill keep thinking. ummmm how about making veg/food into a jam? blend it then put on the bread?

stareyes Fri 23-Sep-11 14:43:23

my name is rachel kitchingman i am on facebook, im not on here very often u see as don't get much access to a pc. drop me a line if u are on there hun. just send me a message. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

pedalpants Fri 23-Sep-11 17:13:53

Hi, this must be so worrying, I really feel for you. DS, also 3.5, is a fussy eater and has improved a lot. mainly by building on things he likes and accepting he would sometimes starve himself for no logical reason. I think at times it was almost a phobia.

in your case i would treat it as you would any other phobia (heights, dogs etc) - which I think is through gentle, supported, but no-nonsense exposure e.g. peas on table, peas, closer to plate, peas on plate (but say he doesn't have to eat them) etc.. Peas probably a bad example, perhaps start with something closer to what he actually might eat.

I also wouldn't wait for the NHS. if you can possibly afford it, pay for a trained expert to come to your house and work with you individually on it.

in the meantime, do you supplement him with vits?

I would also recommend looking at the SN board. lots of ideas there which I have used.

camdancer Fri 23-Sep-11 18:06:43

Have you tried messy play with food? DS has some sensory issues around food and we did that. We started with things like dried pasta and progressed to squishy things and went to things like jelly. I'm not one for wasting food, but it did help DS experience different textures and accept new things much better.

BentleyBling Wed 05-Oct-11 10:11:25

Thanks for your help all. We have decided to get private help and are encouraged by what help there is out there. Fingers crossed

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