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pinkprincess22 Fri 23-Sep-11 08:36:32

For about a month DD (22 mths) has been waking in the night anything from 1-5 times. Each time she settles within a couple of minutes of me being there, but if I leave, it starts again. I thought it was teeth as she is getting her 2 yr molars, but she seems ok with them now, and she was having meds but they made no difference.

If she wakes close to 6am, there is no point trying to get her back to sleep as it takes ages and we're up at 7.30am anyway. So I normally bring her into my bed, but she doesn't sleep there either!

She has a 90 min - 2 hr nap in the day, from 12-2pm. If she sleeps later than 2pm, she won't be ready for bed until after 8pm. So I always wake her at 2 unless she wakes herself.

If she has no nap or a very short nap, it makes no difference, she will fall asleep quicker when she goes to bed, but still wake in the night.

She has also started getting up for the day anything from 6.30am - 7am, which is a lot earlier than before (7.30 - 8am)

Not sure what is causing it? She is fine in the day, no teething probs and no sep anxiety. When she's had a bad nap or bad night she is v grumpy and full of tantrums, so I know she isn't getting enough sleep. She also has bags under her eyes.

Nothing has changed in her room or life, she doesn't go to nursery etc. She doesn't seem frightened of nightmares or anything, she just wants me to be there. She pats her pillow for me to put my head on it, and will quite happily settle down if I am there. I don't mind doing this but I don't want her reliant on me to fall asleep, as I think she needs to be able to settle herself to sleep when she wakes (as they do in their sleep cycles)

Just no idea why she is waking and why she is also getting up so early despite a bad night's sleep?

Her old schedule before all this started worked perfectly:

7.30am-8am : up
11:00am - lunch
11:45-12 - put down for nap, asleep by 12 / 12.15
2.00pm - up
5.00pm - tea
6.00pm - wind down, bath etc
7.00pm - bedtime, stories etc. usually asleep 7.15 / 7.30pm

MurunBuchstansangur Fri 23-Sep-11 11:35:57

I too am desperate to find a logical answer to why I am getting no sleep.

Sadly I don't think you can apply any. I'd just stick with your routine and she'll settle back down. It won't be because you are doing anything.

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