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Learning from your babies...

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jjazz Thu 22-Sep-11 22:16:16

What is the first bit of new knowledge you 'learnt' with your baby and how old were they?
I'll kick off....Whilst looking at a picture book on boats with DS -20mts he pointed out the soft rounded thingies hung from the sides of boats to stop damage from quay sides etc. Old ones are made of plaited rope and modern ones from rubber/plastic. I always try to name the things he points to and he is learning loads of words as a result. But with the boat thingy I was at a loss to know the name. After asking DH- who also didnt know I promised to find out the name. Have just googled and learned a new word- fender.

Tigresswoods Thu 22-Sep-11 23:08:04

Love it. grin

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