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URGENT ADVICE NEEDED - Dr Browns and Comfort formula

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ollie131 Thu 22-Sep-11 19:15:17

HELP! I have just started using Dr Browns bottles for very windy baby. He is on Aptamil confort formula but cant seem to get any out of the teat, I have tried number 1 and 2 (he is only 4 weeks old) - should I be on number 3 ie 6 months plus? Or how about the y teat for this formula? He has been getting on great so far with tommee tipee variflow but the actual colic relief bottles in this brand dont help.

bananarama05 Thu 22-Sep-11 19:44:07

Not sure on Dr browns but I use number 3 teats on avent bottles with cow and gate comfort and have done since dd was 4 weeks as her number 2s just got blocked as you say. We saw an improvement after about 48 hrs.

I'd give 3s a try, I imagine they're a similar flow rate across brands?

Sorry for terrible typing, have sleeping dd in one arm and am on my phone!

Hersetta Fri 23-Sep-11 18:07:32

Apparantly Boots own brand wide neck teats fit dr browns bottles perfectly and they doe a vari-flow version which you could use in your bottles. I use the cow and gate comfort with my 8 week old DS and use level 2 teats in my dr brown bottles and although it sometimes clogs up, for the most part they are ok but I do always put an extra 1/2 oz of water in each bottle to help his constipation and have now got to the stage where he is going once a day. I did use the aptimil comfort at first but it didn't help his constipation at all, but the c & g version produced results in a couple of days.

ollie131 Sat 24-Sep-11 07:33:43

Thanks for advice so far. I did try the y cut dr browns thinking they would be similar to the tommee tippee vari flow but they just flooded his face and a whole 5 ounces could be gone in about 10 seconds flat! Good to know about the boots ones so I may give them a go next!

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