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Can someone give me any advice??

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bembridge Thu 22-Sep-11 14:42:07

My step sons mother keeps saying im physically abusing him...Its very serious, the problem is she knows im not- its just her and her partner are trying to get residency of the little boy (5 years) there is a court hearing taking place but untill then (Dec) he goes every other weekend. We have had social services investigating and they closed the case.. but they have taken the little boy to the police station again trying to get me into there any law to stop them?? Does anyone know what we can do?? We currently bring him to the doctors everyother fri b4 he goes to prove he has nothing on him. But this is ruinin my life i work in child care and also have a daughter im very worried about.

AKMD Thu 22-Sep-11 15:23:45

I hope you have a decent solicitor who can advise you properly. AFAIK it is up to the police/social services to prove that you are abusing your DSS. They must surely have come across false accusations before and while they have a duty to take it seriously and investigate, the investigations would show that nothing was happening.

bembridge Thu 22-Sep-11 15:55:43

social services have closed the case and said he is safe and both children are. They just keep attempting to get me into trouble and break up our family. The solicitor is trying but says there is not much she can do at presnent. She is trying to stop contact as we speak while court looks into it but there is every chance she may not be able to do so. We are worried that if they keep accusing us eventually they may get heard!!!

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