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Sleep Issue with One Year Old, Can Anyone Help?

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NellyE Thu 22-Sep-11 09:29:17

My little girl has always been a pretty good sleeper, but for the last couple of months she's been waking at least once a night in the early hours, sitting up and crying. She doesn't need anything, and all we have to do is lie her back down in her cot, give her her comforter and she'll go straight back to sleep again. We've tried leaving her, but she never lies back down by herself, just cries and becomes more distressed, waking herself up and taking much longer to settle when we do eventually go in. Does anyone have any suggestions what to do? We seriously need some proper sleep as we're knackered (not had an easy few months) and these unbroken nights are really starting to take their toll.
Thanks in advance...

Quidsi Thu 22-Sep-11 10:27:59

Sorry I don't have any great advice. My DS is the same though he is getting better. We just rub his back or stroke his hair and he eventually nods off.
Do you put her into her cot awake? I find DS sleeps better if he is put into his cot awake rather than asleep. Its like he knows he's in bed rather than waking up and suddenly realising he is on his own IYSWIM

NellyE Thu 22-Sep-11 13:06:18

Yes, we do that. She's got no problems falling asleep at all, it's just this whole random half-waking in the middle of the night we're struggling with. It doesn't even take long for her to drop back off again, a few seconds at most, she's not really properly asleep. Thanks though...

tablefor3 Fri 23-Sep-11 16:19:34

Not a solution, but it is the case that many children do this at this age. Apparently it's related to their development, especially gearing up to learn/learning to walk, and their brains are just on the go constantly, even when they are asleep. I'm sorry to say that it may be a case of having to grin and bare it, but rest assured that many, many other parents out there have the same.

jjazz Sat 24-Sep-11 20:24:30

So glad to read this- sorry! My DS has been doing this for a couple of months or so now- he is 20 months and (other than very early waking during the summer months)- he has been a good sleeper. Like your DD he goes in the cot awake and settles well in the evening. I sometimes have to go up once and lie him back down but no fuss at all. In the night- usually around 4am (ish) he crys loudly and is usually standing up. On going in he is awake but instantly calm. He lets me lie him down and lies quietly. I tuck him up without talking or light etc and I usually hear no more. On a bad night I am just about dropping off to sleep again and 30 -60mins or so later he does the same thing all over again. Knackering. He usually settles for the rest of the night after the second or third time of settling. He can then wake for the day at 6.30 ish and have a happy jolly day- no signs of sleep deprivation for him- only me. He is a good (ish) napper -approx 1 hr- 1.30 around lunch time so I dont think he is in need of more day sleep.
Any stories from mumsnetters who have tackled this and /or just lived to tell the tale would do!

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