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Advice please on fussy eating

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MotherOfHobbit Thu 22-Sep-11 08:27:12

My 16 month old who used to eat everything in front of him now tantrums if his food isn't yoghurt, toast or bananas.
From what I hear this affects almost every child his age. I've been giving in because I don't think it's going to be so serious if he lives on yoghurt for a while.
DH disagrees and thinks DS'll soon give up on the tantrums if he knows he's not going to get what he wants, and he'll eat it if he's hungry enough. I know DH has a point (especially as DS eats whatever he's given at nursery so he's getting some veggies) but it's just so much easier to just give him his toast at the end of the day especially when we're both tired.

I know lots of MNers have been through this. What did you do? Does being strict about food actually work?

nickschick Thu 22-Sep-11 08:32:26

It passes.

Ds1 ate only cold spaghetti hopps and peach melba yoghurt for a while - hes 6'2 now and studying law.

Dont stress about it just keep offering bits and giving him options little and often ....soon he will be a teen and wont stop eating.

themightyskim Thu 22-Sep-11 09:29:19

We are still to a degree going through this SD ate anything, and I mean anything until she was one and a half, at that time mum and dad seperated and mum got a new boyfriend and got pregnant very soon after, I arrived on the scene about a year after this, by this time she was refusing to eat anything but chicken nuggets, noodles, chips and pizza, and grapes and apple (and of course sweets) for quite some time we left it that she had had a lot of upheaval in her life so we allowed her to eat what she wanted however another 12 months down the line she started to refuse the fruit, at this time we decided to take a firmer line (shes 4 now) so we have started making small meals that are all variations on initially chicken - so chicken satay sticks, then that became real chicken on coctail sticks, then chicken on its own, and chips became wedges that became roasties, that became mash

its not been easy but we have a good variety of food that she will 'tolerate' now and she knows that in our house she has to try and she has to eat fruit before she gets treats - the stuff she really doesnt like is obvious (she heaves as it hits her mouth lol) and she doesnt eat that again, but it has been down to sheer force of will and not letting her leave the table until she has tried and eaten a portion of each meal, we have had tears and tantrums but if she has been allowed to leave the table at these times its been straight to bed. Mum still cant get anything but chips in her interestingly but here she is asking for some of the new foods regularly

I know this method wont suit everybody but she has been having such regular colds etc we really felt that we had to do something, and it has worked she is much healthier now as well

School is the next big change, see if she will try food that her friends are eating? although it didnt ever seem to work at nursery.......

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