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Behaviour problems with a child 1 year after seperation

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Matheios Thu 22-Sep-11 00:30:10

I am sure this issue has been raised over and over again but i need some advice. My Partner has a 6 year old girl who is 90% of the time a very happy girl who has no problems and is doing great at school. Recently we have noticed some huge changes in behaviour which has caused us concern. We are seeing large amounts of attention seeking, constant crying after being asked to perform routine tasks( Brushing teeth, showering etc) She is wetting herself 2-3 times per week and is becoming very rude and telling mommy she wants to leave and live at daddys or she hates mommy etc. My partner has been seperated from her daughters dad for over 1 year now and apart from some behaviour problems she has dealt with the seperation very well. Has anybody else any experience with children being(all of the above) after 1 year of seperation? just looking for advice so we can help her through this difficult time. Thanks

libelle Thu 22-Sep-11 07:16:58

Though I am no psychologist, I do have a bit of experience. Are you certain the dad is not saying ill words about mummy or her new relationship?? Or perhaps playing the beaten up puppy.? This is sometimes the cause of such behaviour. There are also some things to take in consideration; Are you and the mother living together? Spending more time together in the last year?

Children cannot express themselves in words, she is obviously under stress, afraid or uncertain. I would suggest, look at the pictures she draws, listen to her language, how she plays games. Pay attention, what has changed in her life. Other than that, I cannot offer anymore advice. I wish all well and a smile to return.

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