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Does your 3 year old do thIs?

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mumfromspace Wed 21-Sep-11 16:01:50

When my DS is playing he constantly says, "Mummy look," and I do mean constantly, he will say it about every 10 seconds, even if I am looking. Does your 3 year old do this?

peterpan99 Wed 21-Sep-11 16:07:34

oh yes! All the time, mummy look mummy look, until i look. I used to be able to get away with saying something generic like 'oh lovely' and not actually looking, but she has started to notice now!

Thumbwitch Wed 21-Sep-11 16:08:47

yes. He even grabs my face and tries to turn it to make me look at him. He actually says "mummy look at meeee". Mind you, it isn't completely constant - I do get gaps where I'm not being exhorted to look at hiiiimm all the time.

peterpan99 Wed 21-Sep-11 16:11:56

yeah my DD does the face grabbing thing or just puts her head infornt of where ever im turning to look

winnybella Wed 21-Sep-11 16:12:48

Yep. DD is 2.7. Maddening.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 21-Sep-11 16:14:22

Not quite, but DD does say "muuummmmmeeeee" and when I answer she acts as if she's not said anything angry I've tried ignoring it, but then she starts with the "mummy mummy mummy" til answer grrrr

TwinMummy30 Wed 21-Sep-11 16:15:51

yes and I have it double (see my nick name) grin

Yes, and another one who is no longer happy with a 'hmmm' or a 'lovely'

'No, mummy, look properly'

or more recently

'Mummy pay attention'


ravenc Wed 21-Sep-11 16:22:04

Lol mine does the same very demanding wants me to look and when i dont moves my head to look or makes a noise to get my attention

mumfromspace Wed 21-Sep-11 16:36:09

Ha seems we are all in the same boat!! Thank you so much for your replies xx

PotterWatch Wed 21-Sep-11 21:34:06

At least it isn't just me too, drives me up the wall!!!

Thumbwitch Fri 23-Sep-11 15:30:31

Lol at "Mummy ^pay attention^"!
I get "mummy you're not watching, no you have to look down here, look, here, see, no you're not looking hard enough..." <sigh>
He also goes "grrrrr!" when he gets frustrated cos I'm not looking "properly" but I have to take the blame for that one blush

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