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How can I stop ds (nearly 4) from hitting/kicking me when we're out?

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ificouldbeacamera Wed 21-Sep-11 14:43:14

Ds has explosively physical tantrums. When this happens at home, I walk away until he's calmed down. What to do when we're out and about though? For example, recently his behaviour towards another child at the playpark was aggressive, so I asked him to stop, with the ultimatum that we would go home if it didn't improve. Ds just ignored this and carried on being aggressive. I then had to take him home - ds kicking/hitting/screaming at me all the way.

This behaviour is generally with me - nursery haven't said his behaviour is causing concern, and although the example above is being aggressive towards another child, in general he's ok with others.

Being hit and kicked really really upset me, and I feel I have no methods of dealing with it, apart from getting the hell out of whatever situation we're in - be it cafe, shop, soft play.

Please help, as I'm not liking ds very much at the moment.

Zoggsrus Wed 21-Sep-11 15:28:45

I used to put him over my shoulder, can you do that?

or under your arm?

ificouldbeacamera Wed 21-Sep-11 17:29:12

Yes, I do try that. Under the arm, good idea. Just not sure how to handle it - is leaving wherever we are punishment enough, or should there be further consequences when we get back home?

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