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separation anxiety in a 6mo or something else?

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1catherine1 Tue 20-Sep-11 12:43:36

I returned to work just over 2 weeks ago and today my DD who is 6mo (26 weeks) tomorrow watched me leave this morning and started crying as I left. I went back into the house and played with her for a minute and she cheered up and then left as she was playing - she didn't notice me leave. Now hours later I have spoken to my OH who is home looking after her and I could hear her crying in the background. He says she has been like this all day and is even refusing to have a nap which is making it even worse. He doesn't know what to do to calm her down as nothing seems to be working so he's bringing her up to work early so she can have a cuddle from me before going into nursery (when OH goes to work).

Really feeling guilty for being back at work but I know I need to be to pay the bills. Thing is she has been great for the last 2 weeks but today she isn't so idk what is wrong with her or what to do. Does it sound like separation anxiety? Is there anything I can do to help her if it is?

bankholiday Tue 20-Sep-11 12:59:53

Sympathies, this must be so hard. DS is 7 months and no separation anxiety yet, but I've been reading a lot about this and am sure the consensus is that you should always make sure they know you are leaving, say good bye and be as cheerful as possible (on the outside, obviously).

Hopefully someone more experienced will be along soon.

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