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It's not fair! It wasn't my fault! Etc

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SurprisEs Mon 19-Sep-11 20:11:16

DD 2.2 yrs has recently started to use sentences such as "it's not fair" " it wasn't my fault" . I don't see a big problem in it but I can't figure out where she might have heard these phrases. Not from tv. I watch cartoons with her and have certainly not heard these. She doesn't have older siblings and no real contact with children who are much older. Certainly wasn't during an argument with DH as we don't say things like that. Anyone whose children of similar age say these things? I thought older children of around 6 would be saying these things.?

LoobyLoo61 Mon 19-Sep-11 22:26:23

My DS (2.5) has recently started saying similar things 'snot my fote' being the most used usually if he does something by accident such as knock over a drink or knock something over, but the manner he says it is quite exaggerated and funny like i know it was my fault mummy but please dont be mad at me! Remember kids (speshly toddlers) are like little sponges and absorb anything they hear and repeat it! i wouldnt worry its just them trying to be little grown ups and even though she may be using it in context she probably doesnt fully understand, if she has good listening and understanding skills id just sit her down and say that was your fault but it was an accident so its okay, although usually the bigger reaction you give the more they'll do it! hth! x

SurprisEs Mon 19-Sep-11 22:46:27

I'm not worried she is saying it but normally I know where the things she says come from and this time I have no idea. I suppose the more verbal she becomes the less I will know about where she learnt a certain word or expression. I really find it amazing how children learn so much, so quickly and so easily (or so it appears to be).

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