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2.5yr old stopped going to bed at night and night waking! Please help!

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slp123 Mon 19-Sep-11 13:53:50

I am so tired and not sure if this is the right place to post this topic but can't find a sleep topic so here goes...
My daughter (not quite 2.5yrs) has been sleeping through the night with no intervention from us since 16 weeks! Just this last week it would seem that this has all gone to pot!
We have always had the same bedtime routine and after her story she would lie down and go to sleep. We have never had to stay with her, just turn out the light close the door and that was that (obviously this has been different should she be ill). Even when we put her into her toddler bed we had no issues, we have been away in different beds and all has been fine. Now she screams blue murder for up to 45minutes after putting her to bed and then has been waking in the night screaming too. She has good speaking and understanding skills and when we ask her what is wrong or why she woke she just can't explain or says she wanted to see us!
When she wakes during the night I go in to settle her but then sit on the floor and wait for her to fall asleep and then leave, however, this took 1.5hrs the night before last as she kept waking and sitting up just as I got to the door!
People have suggested cutting back her day time sleep but I don't think she is not sleeping because she is not tired - if that makes sense. I think there is more to it - I am a teacher and have just gone back to work so I am wondering if it is to do with this - she had my full attention over the holidays and now we are back to term time routines.
I don't really know what is going on but it certainly is very frustrating. I meant to say that she NEVER actually gets out of bed just shouts and screams so I can't do the pick up and put back in.
I really hope this is a quickly passing phase as broken sleep is even more of a killer now than it was when she was first born as I have got used to having a good nights sleep!!
Any advice???

petaluma Tue 20-Sep-11 15:27:00

Does she have a sleep during the day? I find if my ds sleeps too much during the day, he won't go down easily at night time. Similarly, if he doesn't sleep at all, he is almost too tired to go down without a fight IYSWIM.

The best days are when he's had no more than about an hour's nap.

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