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4 year old tensing/holding breath habit

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fairyteapot Mon 19-Sep-11 13:42:49

My DS (nearly 5) tenses up his whole body sometimes, holds his breath etc. He doesn't just do it when he's excited, but when he's bored too, or watching TV. I've taken him to every specialist imaginable and no one has found anything the matter, which is a relief. Apparently it's just a habit (albeit an odd one).

It's behaviour on the autism spectrum I know that, but he's not autistic. I just want to help him to stop as I don't want him to get picked on at school (he's just started). He enjoys the behaviour - he likes the release of tension when he stops. Anyone else got experience of this? Any ideas as to other professionals I could see (been to neurodevelopmental peadetrician, etc). Thanks!

woolovermyeyes Tue 20-Sep-11 12:21:22

Does he look blankly ahead, mouth open and kind of tense his jaw when he does this? Sorry I'm going to be no help but a friends little girl has always done this - her mum was really worried at first but now realises that she can control it and only really does it when no-one is around - like you said, she just enjoys it. Am interested to know if anyone has a difinitive answer as she's wanted to know for a long time now but no-one has an answer.

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