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DS Curling toes while standing

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mmmerangue Mon 19-Sep-11 12:22:20

Hi mumsnet,

My son is nearly 7 months now, he sits well and we are slowly teaching him to stand.

He LOVES it, every time you plonk him on his feet you get a massive grin he is clearly proud of himself! Only so far with adult support but he is pretty early on this anyway (i think?). He is now getting to wanting to hold onto something in front of him (normally the sofa) and 'do it himself' - he is very single minded...

My only concern is that he curls his toes right up when he stands, so hes practically standing on them. Will this affect his muscles or posture? He doesn't have shoes just socks or bare feet on carpet (leaving the cold & slippy lino/laminate till he's more stable) Should I try and coax the toes out (hard when your trying to help him stay upright too), leave him to it, or wait a little longer before we start serious standing practise and see if he uncurls himself? Advice please!

Thanks x

alana39 Mon 19-Sep-11 12:59:41

I wouldn't do anything - if he likes standing on your lap etc while you hold him, great, but I don't think you will get him standing unaided or walking any earlier by "teaching" him. My 3rd is only now starting to walk at 21 months having been an enthusiastic stander since 5 months smile

mmmerangue Mon 19-Sep-11 13:18:58

He has probably been putting pressure on his feet since then but now is confident standing with support for a while & (as with everything) wants to get on himself & do it! Lifts and places his feet occasionally and likes to 'boogie' or bounce a little. So i feel like he may be an early walker (shows no interest in crawling yet either) Hopefully those toes flatten themselves out at some point... Thanks smile

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