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Speech - should we be correcting?

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Atomant Mon 19-Sep-11 07:19:47

DD is 2 years & 4 months, still very young I know. Her understanding of language is great, her conversation is great too. She talks in lengthy sentences. Since she was able to talk she's always lisped, she may have a slight tongue tie. Very occassionally I've mentioned that she can make the 's' sound with her teeth as well as with her Tongue & she does it correctly. She lisps a lot now & I'm not sure if I should be correcting her or just leave her. If I ask her what noise a snake makes 50% of the time she'll use her teeth to make the 's' & 50 % her Tongue. Will she just 'get it' eventually or should we be drawing attention to it? She's such a little chatterbox I don't want her to start getting paranoid about talking.

Any thoughts?

daiawnti Mon 19-Sep-11 07:52:52

At this stage don't correct her just make you say things correctly so that she hears the correct sound.

DeWe Mon 19-Sep-11 09:49:36

My ds (4yo) is having speech therepy, and the lady says don't sorrect, just model back correctly. So when he says "here's my tar". I say back. "Oooh! A red Car."

Lisping, I think, is normal until school age. If she's getting it 50% of the time I'd be pretty certain she will get it on her won. Blowing bubbles can help with that sound if you can face that!

My oldest self corrected everything, dd2 needed a very small amount of help on one sound and ds (who has hearing issues) is having regular sessions, started last month.

DeWe Mon 19-Sep-11 09:49:53

That's correct, not sorrect...

mamsnet Mon 19-Sep-11 11:08:59

I know that in most cases modelling is what you are supposed to do, exactly as DeWe has described it.
I've heard drinking through a straw is another one that's good to help (with forming sounds..)

Maybe start a thread looking for a Speech Therapist's pov??

Pagwatch Mon 19-Sep-11 11:13:07

Don't correct. You will crush confidence however nicely you do it.

Just repeat the correct word as DeWe said

Marne Mon 19-Sep-11 11:19:10

Dd2 has speech therapy and we have alway been told just to repeat the correct word (so not correct as such). Most children tand to grow out of lisps, that said, dd1 is 7 and still strugglew with 'R' and 'W', which was rather funny last week when she was trying to sat 'Rank' blush.

Atomant Mon 19-Sep-11 14:38:15

Thanks everyone. Your advice is gratefully received.

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