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Sleep Problems

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JAHMBAMH Sun 18-Sep-11 21:53:28

My 7 year old is having sleep problems. He is a sensitive but well rounded boy but recently he has started getting up several times when put to bed. He sleeps in the same room as his twin brother who doesn't have any trouble going to bed and getting to sleep. M keeps getting up starting about 15 mins after going to bed to go to the toilet or a list of excuses why he can't sleep. He will cry and wake his twin and this goes on from around 7.30 until about 9 when he usually falls asleep. He is anxious and keeps saying sorry and "love you" and no matter how much reassurance he gets he still gets up again. It's as if his character changes and he just wont/can't stay in bed or sleep. It's really upsetting as he is so upset almost every night. No matter how tired he is he just wont/can't stay in bed and sleep. We tried taking his twin brother out of the room (as he asked) but as soon as we did he asked for him back. We've tried being soft and lots of kisses and taking back to bed and we've also tried being hard and stating he must stay in bed and must not get up. None of this is working and he is obviously disrupting his own sleep and his twins and disrupting the whole household. HELP PLEASE!!!

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