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Whats happened to my perfect baby? Advice to turn it around!

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flaurenoko Sun 18-Sep-11 04:17:40

My DS (9 and a half months) was a fantastic sleeper from the off.. 7 hours through the night at 2 weeks.. Which quite quickly progressed to 12 hours, 7pm till 7am.. He was easy to put down for a sleep.. Literally wait for the sleepy signs, put him down in his cot, give him a kiss and his dummy and off he would drift.

He was quite late in realising he had hands and could do things with them, but when he did, I noticed he was a lot harder to get to sleep as he would throw his arms around. On a few occasions I swaddled him (something I hadnt needed to do before) when his arms were flying all over the place and he was hyping himself up..

Swaddling worked brilliantly, but wasnt needed often.

His bottom teeth came through with no fuss - one day I noticed them there.

Then at 7 and a half months, the top ones started giving him trouble. Two things happened.

The first was that he wouldnt sleep in the day. He still went through at night, but in the day there was nothing we could do to get him to nap. Not even the pram! He would exhaust himself by the end of the day and fall asleep (with a fight) eventually. I felt it wasnt great for him getting like that, so decided to swaddle him for his day naps.. Then remove the swaddle when he was asleep.

The second thing that happened, is that he went on hunger strike, milk only - refused all solids. This seemed to go on for ages, and he started waking in the night hungry for millk.

He is now back eating solids - but has the habit of waking for a milk at 3pm. What can I do about this?

The other thing is that he gets really hyped. The moment he is in the cot, he is up standing and bouncing. He never sleeps now without swaddling..

What do I do about that?

Its mad that at the point where youre sposed to stop swaddling, I start.. And when your baby is sposed to be sleeping through 12 hours at night.. Mine stops!

Any advice greatly appreciated smile

peterpan99 Sun 18-Sep-11 12:29:43

ive never known a baby who slept 12 hours through the night! I didnt know they were supposed to!
My daughter is 3 and still has never slept through the night
You've been lulled into a false sense of security as your baby used to sleep through, but very few babies sleeping patterns remain the same, they always change and im sure they will change again soon

debka Sun 18-Sep-11 12:56:05

Why is it a problem to swaddle him? If it helps him to sleep, then I'd say do it.

emmyloo2 Sun 18-Sep-11 14:06:09

No help from me I am afraid. My DS who is almost 10 mths also has stared waking in the night after sleeping from 8pm until 7am from about 8 weeks. People have said it's just a developmental phase so I am hoping it will pass. It's not every night but every couple of nights....

So fingers crossed it will pass....

ShowOfHands Sun 18-Sep-11 14:09:34

It's developmental. Probably why he needs the extra milk too. It takes a lot of calories to work on developmental leaps. Key signs it's developmental are naps going to pot, them standing up repeatedly in their cots as soon as you put them in there, seeming inability to self settle, frustration, not liking being left etc.

It's just because their brains are busy and they can't switch off. It'll pass. One night waking is brilliant, you've just been a bit spoilt by the previous good sleeping.

Do what you need to get through it and be reassured, it's normal.

tryingtoleave Sun 18-Sep-11 14:12:09

When my ds was 9 months he started waking every 40 min all night. You shouldn't swaddle a mobile child - it is dangerous. It is normal for nine month olds to stand up at bed time. You sound like you have had a good run and things are still fairly easy and normal. So relax. Soon your dc will be a toddler and bring a whole lot of new challenges.

Iggly Sun 18-Sep-11 14:52:09

Feed in the night while he needs it, have early bedtimes. also naps might need tweaking, instead of waiting for tired signs, put down for a morning nap around 9 and post lunch around 1. This works better for older babies.

Forget swaddling - he's too old I'm afraid! Have you tried sleepbags? These will keep him snug. Also let him sleep on his front if he wants (remove any thing from the cot) as this can help with wavy arms.

When napping in a pushchair, put the hood down and use a sunshades (you can get ones especially for pushchairs) so it's dim. Much better - older babies can struggle with naps on the go during a leap.

debka Sun 18-Sep-11 15:50:21

Sorry for obviously wrong and unhelpful swaddle comment!

<shuffles off thread>

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