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Could I be feeding my 9.5month DS too much?

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gobblygook Sat 17-Sep-11 22:32:34

I have a gorgeously cute son who started out life so small he was off the charts - roll on 9.5 months and he was nearing the 50th percentile for weight about a month ago. He has always fed well - ff - and now loves solids.

I don't think he's overweight, although he has very roly-poly (short) thighs/legs and arms, and I am, for myself conscious of weight, so I do make sure he eats really healthily, tons of veggies and fruit etc.

But in company today, DH said he wondered if a couple of remarks were made suggesting DS was fat shock.

Is it possible to overfeed? Should I give it any thought? He's not crawling yet...

Anyway, just wondered what people thought

thisisyesterday Sat 17-Sep-11 22:36:53

hmm well yes, it is possible to overfeed a formula fed baby, and if you had posted saying your baby was off the top of the charts then you may have a possible concern

but he isn't. he's on the 50th, right slap-bang in the middle. he's mr average when it comes to weight, and thus I think you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

if you are concerned though, speak to your health visitor. has he been measured? i guess it could be a worry if there is a big discrepancy between his height and weight, but i think that's unlikely

rumcrumble Sun 18-Sep-11 07:50:54

Fat? He's a baby! Ignore, he sounds fine.

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