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What is a 'normal' four year old boy?

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Mummyinggnome Fri 16-Sep-11 16:33:46

Could I ask for your opinions please?
I have two daughters so don't know about boys...
My ds has just turned four. He is very loving, but also can be overly boisterous, can be a bit pushing / shoving / hitting occasionally, (normally if he's seen something like Robin Hood - so now banned!) and sometimes pretends to be a dinosaur or spiderman (he's never seen it!). Is this normal? But he can be also v insecure and need to hide behind me and cling on.

He works hard at school, but is normally a bit of a fidgeter when reading at home. And when are kids meant to learn to read?!?! And when should be able to hold a pen well? He can write his name, but...

I guess I sound pushy, but I'm all for being little and carefree for as long as possible, just wondering what 'normal' boy status is?

Many thanks!

AngryFeet Fri 16-Sep-11 16:53:34

Well my 4.5 year old is very boisterous. He does hit when he gets frustrated but we are trying hard to discipline him on that. He also loves the superhero thing and playing on computer games. I think there is a surge of testosterone around now too.

He can't write his own name, recognise numbers or letters but can count well.

He is very into getting dirty and messy, likes to break things (sorry dismantle).

He is lovely and affectionate though just a bit high maintenance. Better than a year ago though wink

PrettyCandles Fri 16-Sep-11 17:02:40

That all sounds very normal to me. I have two ds (and a dd) and they were/are very different to each other, yet everything in your post would have applied to each of them at age 4.

Something that I have found helps with the fidgetiness during intellectual tasks like writing or reading, is to do them BIG or to do them in a physically different way. Eg for for pen and paper tasks, use a huge roll of paper instead of a little notebook. Write in chalks on the pavement. Sstand at a table instead of sitting on a chair, or kneel at a coffee table.

A 4yo boy writing his name is pretty good. Boys tend to develop the fine motor skills needed to write later than girls.

Tgger Fri 16-Sep-11 21:41:01

errrrrrrrrrrrrr, kids learn to read between reception and year 2 I think! They start them really slowly in reception though- lots of phonics etc. And just think, in Sweden and other scandanavian countries they don't start them till 6 because this is when they think ALL kids will be ready.

He sounds very normal. Lots of outside time recommended for sanity of parent! I think they can still be little and carefree until more like 6- as long as they are doing a balance of stuff their skills should improve in time.

Mummyinggnome Fri 16-Sep-11 22:52:42

Oh thanks guys, that's good to know that your ds's are up to the same thing. Lots of outside time and I really like the doing things differently idea, I'll be taking some chalk to a pavement tomorrow!
Much appreciated!

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